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Why Pristine Power Washing Inc
Mobile Hot Water
Over two decades of power washing experience
We use only the most environmentally safe products
We are fully insured and bonded

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Services Include

Commercial Buildings
Parking Garages
Parking Lots
Retirements Communities

Services Include

Drive Thru
Heavy Equipment
Graffiti removal
Condo & Townhouses Complexes
Dumpsters & Trash Chutes

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We’d love to get started on your project. Our team is ready to tackle any  project, big or small. Need something else? Contact us and we’ll put together a custom proposal just for you!


What separates Pristine Power Washing Inc. from the rest is that most companies use cold water and high pressure.  Such methods are out dated and lead to poor results with possible extensive damage.  We, at Pristine Power Washing Inc. use hot water, low pressure soft wash for all our residential house washes.   This method ensures your home will not be damaged. We use only environmentally safe detergents to eliminate years worth of dirt, mold and mildew.  Power washing is what we do.  Making you, the customer, satisfied is our #1 goal.

Pristine Power Washing Inc. has extensive knowledge in power washing homes.
Whether its brick, stucco, vinyl, painted wood, cedar shingles etc, we have done it all.

We Are Fully Insured And Bonded

Services Include

Pool Decks
Wood Decks
Vinyl Decks
Composite Decks

Services Include



Pristine can melt away those ice dams with our mobile hot water and low pressure, so as not to cause shingle damage.

Pristine Power Washing Inc knows how to keep your business up and running through every season.

Done effectively, pressure washing can be done year-round. No matter what the weather, you may need your pressure washing for your cleaning and maintenance needs. However, pressure washing during winter can present challenges.

Do not forget about Pristine’s hot water gutter cleaning and down spout flushing to guarantee that your gutter system will be working properly.

Graffiti Removal

Removal of graffiti is performed using specifically designed chemicals that will lift the graffiti from the surface as to not damage the structure as a whole.  The chemicals are designed to perform at their peak with the use of hot water.  This method safely removes many different types of paint, from a multitude of different surfaces with no damage to the exterior.

Before & After

Before & After

Trash Chute Cleaning

Keeping your trash chutes and compactor rooms clean is a top priority.  We at Pristine know how important it is to keep these areas clean and free of bacteria.  To neglect these areas will cause foul orders, which can quickly emanate throughout the building. We not only clean and disinfect the chutes, compactor room and dumpster area, we deodorize regularly to eliminate unpleasant orders.


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